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Advanced restoration with CEREC

Emergency Dental Treatments in Hope Island

Advanced Restoration Methods

In an effort to keep up with the progression of technology, our practice is now proud to offer CEREC, or ceramic reconstructions, which are sophisticated virtual restorations created without taking impressions and built while you are still in the chair. The process is done with 3-D photography which allows us to design an onlay, inlay, bridge or crown to fit your mouth perfectly without using metal.

We provide after hours service for emergency dental treatment.

How it Works

First, our dental assistants will photograph your area of concern and store it as a 3-D image. Our software will then approximate the shape of your restoration by comparing the cavity to the surrounding teeth. Our CEREC expert will proceed to refine the image and use a milling machine to carve the restoration and bond it to your tooth using resin. 
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Benefits of CEREC Restorations

Our experienced dental technicians had you in mind when upgrading to a CEREC machine. We can now offer same-day restorations on nearly any procedure – and at a lower cost. If you’ve come to us for a crown, we can now finish it in under two hours. Our attentive dentist will make sure your restoration it is durable, lasting and looks both natural and beautiful.

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If you consider yourself a candidate for a CEREC tooth restoration, schedule an appointment with our office today. We’re excited to help you restore your brilliant smile to its former glory.
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